Become a Poster?
Thank you for your interest in placing ads for our profiles
The idea is that you get an account in our system. On this account you will place profiles (you don't have to make them yourself, we take care of that) and you will place them on the advertisement sites from a list that you get from us and place them again after a week etc.
Per incoming message in the paid chat on your placed profile you will receive 10 cents per incoming message in the paid chat which can increase when the customer chats a lot with your profile in the paid chat. You don't answer the messages yourself, a team of operators will do this for you. You only really place the ads for the profiles that are linked to your account.
Keep in mind that it can take a while before clients come to your profile in the paid chat and therefore you really have to keep placing well because otherwise they won't come at all.
If you have any questions you can message me via skype and that is live:ff52e8e07a7afd7d, also to sign up directly you can on skype or telegram desktop: +31628705795 ToWe