Your own chat?
Thank you very much for your interest in having your own mail chat through our system.
With us you have the possibility to build your own chat at a low rate of 65 euros per month excluding VAT. 
Your own name + Your own layout.
The incoming messages yield 70 cents and if the messages are handled by the exchange then you pay 21 cents per message for it.
You still have 49 cents left per message. With a one-time start-up cost of 25 euros ex VAT.

You manage your own profiles and you can employ your own chat operators and promoters/placers.
We can deliver 250 profiles as standard on your site.
You may pay your own staff, if you let us take care of that as well, we will ask 1 euro per week per staff member extra, which will be deducted from the monthly rent.
Every Monday you will receive an invoice with your earnings including VAT so you take care of the tax treatment.

The payment days are listed in Earnings and Payment Days.
Only rentals from the Netherlands or Suriname are accepted. Other countries are excluded

You will rent the chat for at least 12 months and then it will be tacitly extended, this is recorded in a rental agreement.

If you are still interested then you can mail the information below to create an account and contract and of course for any questions.

There is a minimum of 6 months payment in advance.
Upon receipt of payment you will receive an extensive manual explaining how the chat works and how to promote and of course handles how messages should be answered through the legislation of ACM.

IT IS ALSO POSSIBLE to rent a worldwide chat. With English and other languages speaking oppers! Ask me about the possibilities, rental price is 65 euros ex VAT per month and payment 70 cents. With a one-time start-up cost of 25 euros ex VAT.


You can also add me on Skype: live:ff52e8e07a7afd7d
Or Telegram desktop: +31628705795 ToWe